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My partner and I were considering couples therapy but decided to try a different approach. From our first session Liesbet, we were amazed beyond our expectations. Liesbet holds space with so much compassion, listens deeply and helps bring to clarity the feelings and needs that are at our centers. My partner and I were able to feel each others hearts with greater clarity and compassion, and most importantly, during tense periods since then, we have been able to return to that space quickly and easily. I encourage anyone who is interested in improving their relationships with others or with themselves to try a session with Liesbet. Life changing!
— N. Noelle, Reno, NV
I have witnessed Liesbet’s profound ability to create, organize, lead, and manage not only the logistical side of business, but also to connect, tend to, and nurture each member’s unique and ever evolving needs. When you see a person find and live their passion, like Liesbet, you are able to witness a beauty in the natural flow and ease of which they are able to efficiently accomplish and succeed at what they focus their energies upon. What I see Liesbet tackle on a weekly basis appears effortless, yet I am aware of what a dedicated and hard worker she must be in order to pull off everything she does, and without fail. Liesbet has been invaluable to me, and others in our groups, in terms of her teachings, but also in her personal style of being honest, open, fun and nurturing, which tends to accompany her guidance and support. She is one of the most open-minded, nonjudgmental, and accepting healers I have encountered. I believe it is her ability to facilitate a safe, trusting, and respectful environment, coupled with her knowledge and flexible, yet organized, structure which has contributed to her proven track record of success
— Shae Loveless, Truckee CA
It has been my pleasure to experience Liesbet in a couple of different facilitation settings. Liesbet models compassionate clear communication. She is a leader with a genuine heartfelt desire to be available for people. As a facilitator she keeps the group focused and makes sure everyone’s individual needs are met, to the best of her ability. In watching Liesbet facilitate I have learned genuine empathy and authentic compassion. I feel she is an incredible person and would recommend her in all of her endeavors.
— Sandra Lynn Smith, South Lake Tahoe
My name is Kristen Giordano and I work at Sugar Bowl Academy, a non-profit upper school for competitive skiers. I was lucky enough to participate in the Restorative Practices training in August. Restorative Practices is driving a cultural shift my program is starting and has provided me and other staff with tools that have already improved aspects of students day-to-day lives. Circles are a huge part of building relationships and building trust and this is a technique that I have utilized in my own classroom daily, with our Homeroom program, and even within staff meetings. My hope with further integration of Restorative Practices over the next few years within my program we will continue to build a strong community of trust, empathy, and reflection.
— Kristen Giordano, Sugar Bowl Academy, North Lake Tahoe
Liesbet is both a master listener, conversational guide and thought organization guru. She took a buzzing, frantic, entrepreneur and distilled my “problems” into succinct easy-to-follow steps to success. She helped transition me to a more sustainable teaching schedule. In a nutshell, Liesbet embodies wisdom in action - just being around her will inspire the best out of you.
— Paul De Luca, MBA, RYT

Liesbet Bickett is a rare healer who truly works at the intersection of body, mind, and spirit. In my healing session she fine tuned my wellness at all these levels to help me connect to myself and open a truer, more joyful connection to my own life force. She is deeply caring and I left her care feeling blessed and enriched. It was so wonderful that I wanted to share the experience with my loved ones and gave gift certificates to my family.
— Liz G, Tahoe

“I have such a deep gratitude for Liesbet’s presence in my life and the community. She holds a very loving  space.  She has a incredibly warm and sincere presence, and she listens with her whole heart. I pronounced her my “compassion coach” after my first workshop with her and she has been my dear role model and friend ever since. She is absolutely precious to me and has genuinely changed my life.
— -Vanessa, North lake Tahoe