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North Tahoe Restorative Community Leadership Project

Imagine a community where kids know they are safe to learn, play, and grow, physically, intellectually and emotionally. My goal for the North Tahoe Restorative Community Project is to build a web of support across the North Tahoe Community using Restorative Practices, by training leaders from all sects of the community, including schools, police, neighborhood organizations, court systems, health care services, faith organizations, and other community support organizations.

My vision is inspired by the vision of the International Institute of Restorative Practices, in particular the work they are doing in Detroit, and their broader vision for restorative communities across the globe. The featured video on this campaign is a part of their restorative community project.  Although this campaign is not connected to the IIRP and their work in anyway it is fully inspired by them.

Restorative Practices is a social science which integrates theories and practices across disciplines, including education, psychology, social work, criminology, organizational development, sociology, and leadership, using participatory decision making and learning, with the goal to build social capital, minimize undesirable behavior, maximize desirable behavior, repair harm and rebuild relationships.  From the science of restorative practices has come a group of practices, and more importantly, a philosophy underlying those practices which enables and supports the sharing of power for the benefit of the whole, within relationships and structures.

"The fundamental premise of restorative practices is that people are happier, more cooperative and productive, and more likely to make positive changes when those in positions of authority do things with them, rather than to them or for them." (What is Restorative Practices?, 2015)

I share the IIRP vision for communities of America and am starting with my home community in North Lake Tahoe.  In my vision, citizens work together creating communities where children and families are safe and have the social infrastructure they need to thrive.   Each citizen is engaged and recognizes their role as a valuable contributor to the community.  Community members consider the challenges faced by the community and support each other using restorative practices.  Lead by a team of stakeholders from organizations which work with children and families across the spectrum of support citizens are empowered to solve their own problems rather than have needs and challenges assigned to outside agencies who then dictate and mandate solutions from afar.  

I see our country suffering under the power of dividing interests. I hear fear, anger and hopelessness in households from every religion, race, and socio-economic group.  I believe the power to unite and strengthen our country lies within our communities. We are being called to create the world we want to live in, starting at home. Community by community I see transformation which bridges the divide of differences by building on what we share, a desire for safe and supportive homes for our children and our loved ones to grow, learn, and contribute. 

My current goal is to train 20 community leaders to act as stakeholders, to build and implement a vision for a restorative community in North Lake Tahoe.  Your contribution will allow me to train and support these 20 leaders and to begin the planning and implementation process with them.  

The Introduction to Restorative Practice Training is a 4 day training.  Day 1 is an introduction to RP, including theory, and common practices. Day 2 works with circles and how to use them effectively to build community and repair harm. Day 3 and 4 trainer leaders to run restorative conferences for their organization and the community at large. To learn more about restorative practices go here: WHAT IS RESTORATIVE PRACTICES?

Restorative conferences are a formal restorative response which is used to repair harm and reintegrate both those harmed and those who have done harm back into the community. Conferences are driven by the needs of those harmed, with the goal of healing and repair.  They also give those who have caused harm to be accountable for their actions and to repair the harm they have done. To learn more about restorative conferencing go here: RESTORATIVE CONFERENCING.

I am offering the first 2 Days of the Intro to Restorative Practices Training on August 21st and 22nd in Truckee, CA.  To register for the training or learn more about it go here: AUGUST 21,22 2 DAY INTRO TO RESTORATIVE PRACTICES

In addition to receiving the Introduction to Restorative Practices Training, sponsored community leaders will receive support for implementation in their organization and will become part of a team of stakeholders working to create restorative alignment across organizations in the community.

What We Need & What You Get

Your contribution will be used to train and support youth and family leaders in the North Tahoe Community.  These leaders will come from many areas of our community, including school teachers, administrators, and counselors, parents, high school students, social services, police, the court systems, county government, faith leaders, health services and community support organizations to start.

Below is a detailed breakdown of what your contribution will pay for:

$1000   4 Day Restorative Practices Training, Full Implementation Support for that leader

$600     4 Day Restorative Practices Training for one community leader

$300     2 Day Restorative Practices Training for one community leader

$100      1 Stakeholder planning session

$50         Materials cost for one 4 Day Restorative Practices Training for one community leader

$25         Materials cost for one 2 Day Restorative Practices Training for one community leader

As a thank you for your support you will receive the following gifts:

$25 and up           Email updates about the project, including how many are trained and what they are doing with their training.

$50 and up           Above plus One Globe Talking Piece

$350 and up        all of the above plus Dreaming of a New Reality, by Ted Wachtel

$600 and up        all of the above plus One free RP 2 day Training or 2 personal RP/NVC coaching sessions

$1000 and up     all of the above plus another free RP 2 day Training or 2 personal RP/NVC coaching sessions

Be a part of my campaign to make a difference in our world, one community at a time.

According to the International Institute of Restorative Practices, a leader in the field of RP since the 70's, Restorative Practices has the potential to,

"influence human behavior and strengthen civil society around the world. Restorative practices builds healthy communities, increases social capital, reduces the impact of crime, decreases antisocial behavior, repairs harm and restores relationships."(Defining Restorative, 2015)

Restorative practices has already made a difference in schools and communities across the globe.  In schools alone Restorative Practices has been shown to 

  • Decrease "visits to the office"
  • Decrease serious infractions
  • Decrease the number of students with serious infractions
  • Decrease suspensions
  • Decrease the number of students with multiple suspensions
  • Reduce aggression
  • Increase social skills

(Improving School Climate, 2014)

Across the globe restorative practices are being used to empower citizens as active stewards of their community, from neighborhood community building circles, to restorative conferences for resolving and repairing after conflict and harm, to family group decision making conferences which support families who are struggling.  Restorative practices "brings alignment between systems and neighborhoods that impact children and families."(Toward a Restorative Community, 2015)

Other Ways You Can Help

There are ways you can contribute beyond a financial donation

  • Spread the word - share this campaign with your friends.
  • Become a leader - if you live in North Tahoe and want to become a leader in Restorative Practices, contact me.
  • Refer a leader - if you know someone who would like to become a restorative leader in the North Tahoe Community please refer them to me.
  • Grant writing - I am looking for someone to help with grant writing. If this vision calls to you, helping me find funds is an excellent way to contribute and earn some extra money.
  • Become an advisor.  Become a part of the advisory crew, helping build this into an effective, efficient and sustainable project.  
  • Bring Restorative Practices to your community.  You could become a restorative leader in your own community. Contact me to learn how.

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