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Restorative practices and compassionate communication for families

“Waves of change have weakened the influence of family in modern societies,
yet family remains the most critical element in our social fabric.”
— International Institute of Restorative Practices, 2017

What if you could stop the struggles and conflict in your family?  

Would you like to work with each other, rather than against each other?


Using the principles of restorative practices and compassionate communication you can learn how to work with your family to support each other effectively with peace and confidence.  

The bond that links your true family is not one of blood, but of respect and joy in each other’s life.
— Richard Bach

Restorative Family Coaching

Restorative Family Coaching teaches you specific tools and actions you can use to:

  • Use restorative discipline to promote desirable behavior.  
  • Use compassionate communication to maintain connection and minimize defensiveness while expressing your needs and making your requests of others.  
  • Use restorative questions to address undesirable behavior.
  • Work as a family to make decisions and increase compliance and follow through.
  • Work with each other rather than against each other.
  • Increase Joy in your family.
  • Increase communication in your family.
  • Increase collaboration in your family.

Your coaching starts with an initial consultation to asses your current parenting and family practices, including what is working and what isn't working.  From there we will create a restorative family plan which will involve learning the tools of restorative practices and adopting them in your home.  Coaching and training may involve one parent, both parents or parents and kids.   The more family members who can and are willing to get involved the better.

family group conferencing

What do you do when everything else has failed?  You've tried everything.  But the situation is only getting worse.

A family group conference is a process led by family members to plan and make decisions for a family member who is at risk. Children and young people are normally involved in their own family group conference, although often with support from an advocate.   The family group conference is an specific process which involves extensive planning and preparation.  

Your facilitator helps the family pull together their resources and their community to work together to find a solution.    

Sacred Connections hopes to be offering family group conferencing to the community soon.  Please check back later for more info and updates.