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I have been spending time lately thinking about systems and structures of power, privilege, thinking about our our culture, women, men, race (or the creation of it), nationalism...patriarchy. I want to learn and explore how these systems, this patriarchal paradigm manifests in our lives. Social movement after social movement has ended with oppression. I believe it's because the healing is never done, and there-fore the violence of patriarchy always bubbles to the surface and takes hold. I want to be a part of a different kind of social movement; one of dedicated to healing and moving forward committed to nonviolence. I invite you to explore with starting with restorative conversations. My goal is to bring people together in a restorative space and give them to tools to work as partners, supporting each other, listening, mourning, and repairing the harm they have suffered one loving conversation at a time. In so doing, I believe, together, we will be taking steps to repair the generations of harm committed by and on humanity and ensuring the cycle of harm stops with us.