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Mediate your conflict remotely with online mediation.

Now you can use mediation to resolve disputes without traveling outside the comfort of your home or office.

Online mediation gives you an opportunity to resolve disputes with others regardless of where you or they live. 

I use ZOOM online video conferencing technology to create a safe and effective environment to conduct your mediation. Just like all mediation, the process is confidential and can be concluded with a written binding agreement. 

Why use online mediation:

  • Disputing parties don't live or work in close proximity.
  • Disputing parties don't want to be in the same room together.
  • One of more parties is unable to leave their home.
  • It's easy, convenient and effective.

online mediation cost:

It is requested that the mediator be paid $150 per disputing entity for each mediation session up to 3 hours.  That said no mediation will be turned down due to a lack of funds. A sliding scale is available for any party for which $150 would be an overwhelming hardship.  Please do not hesitate asking for details about the sliding scale if your only reluctance to participate in mediation is the cost.