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North Tahoe


I have a vision for the communities of America - starting with my home community of North Lake Tahoe.  In my vision, citizens work together creating communities where children and families are safe and have the social infrastructure they need to thrive.   Each citizen is engaged and recognizes their role as a valuable contributor to the community.  Community members consider the challenges faced by the community and support each other using restorative practices.  Lead by a team of stakeholders from organizations which work with children and families across the spectrum of support citizens are empowered to solve their own problems rather than have decisions, needs and challenges taken over by outside agencies who then dictate and mandate solutions from afar. 



The NTR leadership project trains community leaders to act as restorative stakeholders, building a web of support using Restorative Practices across all sects of the NT community, including schools, police, neighborhood organizations, court systems, health care services, faith organizations, and other community support organizations.   

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restorative conferencing 

C4C conferencing aims to provide a restorative solution for conflicts within the community.  Families, neighborhoods, businesses, and schools can bring their conflicts into facilitated restorative circles, working together to find solutions which meet the needs of those harmed and repair the relationships of all affected. 

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restorative circles

The CRC  project aims to empower all citizens through community circles.  Circles offer a safe place to discuss successes and challenges within the community and empower members to work together to create safe, supportive spaces where all can thrive. Contact us to learn how we can support your work, home or other community.                       



Complete this form to request either a restorative circle or conference.

Circles are used to help process life's challenges, make decisions, and work through conflict. They involve as few as 3 people and as many as 100 people. No prep is needed to hold a circle.

Conferences are used to repair, and re-integrate when specific harm happens. Their main focus is to provide repair for those who are harmed. That said, they also often serve to re-integrate and repair the relationships of those who have been harmed and those who have done harm. 

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