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Experience the Sacred Healing of Reiki

The truth is, the world you and I live in is a world of abundance.  There is no scarcity of love.  There is no scarcity of resources.  There is no scarcity of you .  You are enough, just as you are.  You have been given dreams.  All the resources you need to actualize those dreams are within your grasp.  Your challenge is to stretch into yourself and receive them.  

Repair, Reintegrate and Revitalize with the sacred body, mind, & soul Reiki session at The Sanctuary in Kings Beach.

Working with you is like receiving a prayer.
— Verlyn Cutler McGilvray, Intuitive Healer, Incline Village, NV

Bring all of you, your body, your mind and your soul.  On the Reiki table we will work together to safely explore the challenges which affect you on all three levels of your existence.  You will experience the deep healing which is only possible when the body, mind and soul are listened to and met with pure love and compassion.  

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When a person really desires something, all the universe conspires to help that person to realize his dream.
— ― Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

During your Sacred Reiki Session we will use your breath, guided meditation, compassionate listening, and the sacred healing energy of Reiki to repair your wounds, reintegrate your heart, body and mind and revitalize your soul so that you may receive the abundance this life has to offer you and live in alignment with your highest self.  

Liesbet Bickett is a rare healer who truly works at the intersection of body, mind, and spirit. In my healing session she fine tuned my wellness at all these levels to help me connect to myself and open a truer, more joyful connection to my own life force. She is deeply caring and I left her care feeling blessed and enriched.
— Liz G., North Tahoe

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