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Restorative Practices

RESTORATIVE JUSTICE IN ACTION: Ron Brown College Prep, Washington DC

This filled me with hope and tenderness. This is the first of a three part series looking at the first year of Ron Brown College Preparatory school in Washington DC. This is a unique school with a powerful vision. The school is a new boys-only, public school with a class of roughly 100 young men. All are freshmen. All are students of color. All are determined to change the narrative.

The school is using circles and restorative justice to support that chance of narrative.

Restorative parenting. No spoon or beef tongue please.

Restorative parenting.  No spoon or beef tongue please.

The spoon represents the punitive style of social discipline and while it may have had the had the desired affect of discouraging my undesirable behavior by tapping into my fear of something unwanted being done TO me, it didn't teach me why we had rules, how the rules contributed to our family, or how I could use my actions to be a valuable member of our family. Frankly, it didn't empowered me in anyway.