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Family Group Decision Making

Family Group Decision Making (FGDM) is a process I am excited to be learning to coordinate.  FGDM a family centered process which recognizes the importance of involving families in decisions which will effect their lives.  It is an alternative intervention strategy for harm which is happening within a family.  It involves families come together, with the support of their extended family, friends and community to create a plan which will address issues of harm within the family.  What I love about FGDM is that it doesn't "steal" the conflict away from the family.  Instead it empowers them to solve their own conflict.  In so doing it strengthens relationships within the family and community, build their trust and their confidence and empower them to take on challenges down the road.  This is opposed to traditional intervention such as removing a child from a home and putting them into foster care, which disconnects families and only perpetuates the shame, harm cycle within families.  Watch this video and share your thoughts please!